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What Are Canine Teeth and Why Are They Important?

Canine teeth, sometimes called cuspids or “eye teeth,” are critical components of your dental structure. They’re distinguished by having the longest root of all teeth and are the last to fully erupt and settle into place, typically around the age of 13.

But why are they so essential? Canine teeth play several critical roles:

  1. Closing Gaps – As the last of the front teeth to take their place, canines help close any gaps between adjacent teeth, contributing to a uniform and appealing smile.
  2. First Touch – These teeth are vital to the “biting” mechanism of the mouth. They make the first contact when your jaw closes and guide the remaining teeth into their proper position.
  3. Alignment & Function – Canine teeth maintain the correct alignment and function of your other teeth on the dental arch. Any issues with canines, such as impaction, can greatly affect your smile’s function and aesthetic appeal.
Impacted Canine Teeth Calgary - impacted canines

Understanding Impacted Canines

An impacted tooth is one that is unable to fully erupt and function due to being blocked or stuck. While wisdom teeth are most commonly impacted, wisdom teeth serve no vital role in your mouth’s function and can be easily removed. Upper canines are the second most frequent tooth to experience this condition and are much more critical in your adult teeth.

It’s important to address impacted canines promptly as they have a significant role in maintaining your dental health.

Causes of Canine Teeth Impaction

Impacted canines can be caused by various factors including:

  • Extra Teeth – Having an unusually high number teeth present may inhibit the natural eruption of the canines.
  • Overcrowding – Poor alignment of the front teeth can lead to overcrowding, leaving insufficient room for the canines as the existing teeth compete for space.
  • Unusual Growths – Sometimes, unusual growths on the soft tissue of the gums can restrict the progress of the canine teeth.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Impacted Canines

Our dedicated team at Inline Orthodontics believes that early and thorough examinations are key to preventing problems with impacted canines. Therefore, we document the number of teeth present when a patient is around 7 years old to record the presence or absence of canine teeth.

The diagnosis process includes a detailed visual examination accompanied by X-ray technology. Once we determine the cause of the impaction, several treatment options will be available depending on the patient’s age.

If your mouth is overcrowded, we may recommend the extraction of teeth to make room for the impacted canine. We also use a special bracketing system to guide the unerupted canine into its place after lifting the gum.

For younger patients, an orthodontic brace may be fitted to create a space on the dental arch for the impacted canine. Despite the term “surgery” being used, this canine tooth surgery is usually done without necessitating an overnight stay.

Rest assured, any discomfort will be managed with appropriate pain medication, and you’ll be given comprehensive post-treatment advice for your recovery.

Impacted Canine Tooth Surgery

At Inline Orthodontics, we work with your oral surgeon to treat impacted canines using a procedure known as “expose and bond.” This method involves guiding the impacted canine tooth into its proper position. The orthodontist will attach a tiny bracket to the impacted tooth to gently and accurately bring the canine into alignment with the other teeth.

Complications from Untreated Impacted Canines

If left untreated, impacted canines can lead to several complications:

  • Resorption – This occurs when an impacted tooth starts to dissolve the root of the adjacent tooth.
  • Misalignment of Teeth – Impacted canines can disrupt the natural alignment of your other teeth, leading to a crooked smile and potential bite problems.
  • Abnormal Tissue Growth – In some cases, cysts can develop around the impacted tooth gum tissue, which could damage the jawbone and nearby teeth.

Contact Us Today About Missing or Impacted Canines

Our team at Inline Orthodontics is expertly trained in addressing impacted canines. We take pride in our patient-focused approach, providing a personalized treatment plan for every patient and ensuring you fully understand every step of the process. We believe in creating smiles that last a lifetime!

We understand that dealing with impacted canines can be daunting, but with our expert care, we can help guide you towards a healthier, more confident smile. Don’t let impacted canines impact your life. Reach out to InLine Orthodontics today to book a consultation.

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