How Often Do I Need To See My Orthodontist After Starting Treatment?

If you are thinking about starting orthodontics treatment, you might be wondering how often you will need to go back for appointments during the process. How often you need to go back is determined by your unique treatment.

During Braces Treatment

If you have braces, you can expect to see your orthodontist every four to eight weeks during treatment. Your orthodontist will adjust your braces, tighten the wires or replace them. These appointments are used for checking on the progress of your teeth and seeing how much they are moving. They might also give you rubber bands for your braces.

These appointments will usually last around 20 minutes for routine check-ups, but can be longer for additional treatment. Try and do your best to stick to the schedule given by your orthodontist so that your treatment can progress as planned.

During Invisalign/Aligner Treatment

During your Invisalign, or aligner treatment, you will usually see the orthodontist every ten to twelve weeks. Because the aligners are pre-designed by your orthodontist, and you will have them at home, unlike with traditional braces, your “activations” happen every time you switch into a new set of aligners. Your specialist will check if your teeth are adjusting properly, or if any changes to your treatment need to be made, either via virtual appointments, or in-office appointments. Therefore, you will have the flexibility to not have to attend as many appointments in the office as with traditional braces.

Treatment With Other Appliances

You can also be treated using expanders, space maintainers, or other fixed or removable appliances.  For these, you might need to stop by your orthodontist’s office every three months. Your orthodontist will always let you know how often they want you to come in for your appointments.

No matter what type of treatment you are getting, your orthodontist will want you to visit frequently enough so they can guide, monitor, and adjust your treatment. They want to be sure that everything is going smoothly and that your treatment will be efficient and optimized to your individual needs.

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